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Sydney Marmaduke Stuart-Turner.

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The man who started with a set of castings made to his own design, that was the No.1. Following interest he advertised in the 1901 edition of the Model Engineer magazine. And so it began. Over the years he introduced new engines, not just to expand the range but after careful analysis it is clear that he evolved the range to increase the capabilities. He soon outgrew his original works and moved to Henley. I have been collecting and refurbishing Stuart Turner's engines, bringing them back to life, some for my collection and others to release into the wild.

Real engines in miniature, not toys!

I will, over time detail all of Stuart Turner's steam engines. Including specifications, descriptions, design analysis and the evolution. Using information from historical documents. Many of the engines have similar features and are evolutions of previous engines, I do not intend to bore you with repetition so will fully detail the first and cover the changes in subsequent designs.

Why Stuart Turner engines and not the plethora from other manufacturers, Bing, Stephens, Mamod, etc... Well it's simple really, the are real engines in miniature, not toys. Each is based on a real engine design often optimised for the small scale.

I hope you find this web site interesting, I am also working on an E-Book that will cover more detail.

I have included an article from the SIMEC magazine covering Stuart's history its on the ST History page


I am still researching information, one of the things i am still trying to find out is exactly when each engine was released, so if you have any old stuart catalogues please send methe date and a list of the engines included so I can fill in the missing gaps.

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Steve Allen


I have been collecting photos of Stuart engines for over 10 years and have ammassed over 5,000. Unfortunately I have no idea exactly where i got the from. I am using them on this website for illustrative purposes. If you are the copyright holder on any of them, please let me know so that I may attribute or remove them as you wish.

As the site grows, due to the large number of engines, I may reorganize the site structure. Please link only to the home page as linking to any other my cause your bookmark / favourite link to break.

Also please let me know if you spot any misteeks. (striving for perfection often requires a lot of help) Steve

I am constantly looking for information.
Trying to track down information such as the release dates of engines is difficult, purchasing catalogues is getting expensive.
If you have any information you could contribute I would appreciate it greatly.
Useful things are pictures from catalogues, adverts, articles, in fact anything will be useful.
One thing in particular, if you have a catalogue that has the first mention of an engine, I would appreciate a photo of the page so that I can setup the detail page in similar format.
To this end I have set up a DropBox folder with public access.
You can follow the link before and copy files to the folder. Please let me know if you deposit any files on the email below.