April 2019

Added Vertical & Horizontal pages for navigation purposes. Although the various engines are now categorised under these heading pages, the sidebars list engines from other categories.
Note the Vertical page lists all the numbered engines even for other categories.

Added Stuart No.8. & Stuart No.9 Horizontal engines.

Added Stuart No.7
The small No.1 LINK

No.6 Compound Engine.
Finally noticed that I hadn't set the page to draft so it wasn't published whilst I finished it off. Appologies.
Now completed. LINK

Stuart Turner Catalogues

I currently own several catalogues , from which I gain information regarding introduction dates, etc …
But I am always after more information.
I currently have 1906-07, 1926, 1933, 1957, 1963-64, 1965, 1969, 2003-05, 2009.
If you own any other dates, I would be appreciative of any information you can send me, be it lists of engines advertised or images of the pages.
Likewise if you are interested in information from those I have, please contact me.
Email address is at the bottom of Home page. LINK

Added Stuart Bottone "O" Dynamo to the Machines page LINK

Added new Machines page to organise the different machines onto a single menu item. LINK.
Combining the Steam Hammer, Boiler Feed Pump & Oil Field Pump pages.

Added Stuart Oil Field Pump. Link.