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No. 1035.
Horizontal marine centre flue.
Overall length:
14 in.
Diameter: 3 1/2 in.
Flue Diameter: 2 in.
Weight empty:
4 lb. 10 oz
Pressure: 60 p.s.i.
Availability: 1926-?

No. 1035 Centre Flue Type

A finished boiler suitable for No. 10 and
other engines.

Length overall: 14in. (355mm.)

Weight: 4lb. 100z. (2.1Kg)

Working pressure: 60 p.s.i. (4-bar)

The 1035 boiler is ideal for RC marine models. A continuous feedwater supply is usually considered essential in such cases and this can be provided by the Stuart boiler feed pump (see page 41) set to work at the required rate or alternatively by the mechanically-driven plunger pump offered as an extra with engines in the No. 10 range. The delivery from either of these pumps is piped to a check valve (optional extra, see below) for which a seating (with blanking plug) is provided on the boiler as standard equipment.
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The copper drum is 3 1/2 in. (89mm.) diameter with 2in. (50mm.) centre flue, 16 water tubes
and gunmetal dome. Supplied with safety valve, water gauge and steam valve. Check valve, 3/4 in. pressure gauge and syphon available as extras.
Part No. Availability
34-50-71035—Finished boiler, painted and tested (43.00. Postage Code: D


A nice compact Marine type centre flue boiler. The small design means that only a small amount of water is held requiring some form of automatic water feed pump being fitted to the engine.Water is fed into the boiler via the valve mounter on the side towards the chimney end. To ensure dry steam a large dome is fitted with mounting points for 3 steam connections. A seperate safety valve connection is fitted halfway along the boiler. The dome also mounts the top end of the water gauge, impportant because the boiler is such a small diameter there is no room to mount a water gauge on the end of the boiler. The central flue is mounted towards the bottom of the cylinder and has 16 cross pipes for increased heating sureface, mounted directly in the flame provided by the brass burner. The flue is extended beyond the end of the boiler and a short pipe is braised onto the top for attachment of a chimney. This type of boiler uses a small amount of water and boilers it very quickly, the water needs to be replaced continuously. This boiler is ideal for smaller steam powered launches having a low centre of gravity.

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Wooden Clad boiler with all the fittings

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Boiler with ancillaries running a No.10v. Ideal setup for a small launch.

Video of 1035 and No.10v


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