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M.T.B. 1bSuperheated standard

Type: Vertical, double cylinder, single acting, slide valve.
Bore 3/4 in
Stroke: 3/4 in
Height: 3 1/2-in.
Availability 1924
Design: 2 cylinder marine engine

No. 1b M.T.B.

For ordinary or flash steam boilers.

3/4 x 3/4 Double Cylinder, for 4-ft. 6-in. Boat, or two for 5-ft. 6-in.
Twin Screw Boat. Weight, 2-lbs. Height, 3 1/2-ins.

This is a most popular Engine for racing with flash steam boilers and for ordinary cruising. The engine is simple to construct and has excellent wearing qualities. The lubrication of all the enclosed parts is by splash. We advise the "Stuart" Displacement lubricator for the valve and cylinders of M.T.B. engines. Finished gear wheels are supplied and pistons, cylinders and valve are of fine grade cast iron. The Engine is therefore suitable for very high temperatures and pressures.
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CASTINGS AND MATERIALS with all Screws and complete Drawings

12/6 Post Free

The Complete Set of Parts fully machined and all holes drilled and tapped. The Engine can be built without a lathe, a few files only are necessary.

30/- Post Free.

FINISHED ENGINE, complete and ready for steam

£2 10s. 0d.

Foreign Orders should include remittance for 3-lbs. Postage



Turning crank


Boring Cylinders and planing


Boring Cylinders and fitting Liners


Fitting Crank Case and boring Bearings


Fitting and drilling Pistons, per pair


Milling Valve Chests and cutting Ports, including drilling glands.


Fitting up and boring connecting Rods, per pair


Finishing Disc Wheels


Valve Slide Cranks with valve Heads



The design of this engine is the same as the No.1 with the exception of the valve gearing. The fragile cam and lever has been replaced by a thoroughly reliable bevel gear set, combined with a "Scotch Crank". That this engine was availabe for longer than the original No.1 it seems apparent that this is a replacement for the earlier design. Capable of use with Flash steam, popular with high speed model boat enthusiasts it compliments the Lighter No.1a featherweight. Note in the images below how the cylinder block cast is shaped to keep the weigh to a minimum. Later version of the engines were marked 180 on one side and Stuart on the other. Many stuart casting contain identification markings, not all of which meaning is clear. As well as use in model boats, the compact design and high speed nature of the engines led to them being used for water pumping or electrical generating purposes. The sets were combined by using one of a number of different cast iron bases each designed for an engine and either a dynamo or water pump. Remember in the early 1920s many small villages were not on mains electricity so the idea of a small steam powered set was appealing. To compliment thes kits, stuart produced a range of boilers and kits of various sizes. These were powered from a variety of sources such as, Methylated spirits, Wood, Coal.

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M.T.B. 1b

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M.T.B. 1b. Later castings were marked 180. Often referred to as a "180" it is a 1b.

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M.T.B. 1b Pumping set. Combines Engine, Mounting base and a pump No.1

M.T.B. 1b running.


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