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M.T.B. 3Brute power

Type: Vertical, double cylinder, single acting, slide valve.
Bore 1 1/4 in
Stroke: 1 in
Height: 5 3/4 in
Weight 5 3/4 lbs.
Design: 2 cylinder marine engine

No. 3 M.T.B.
For ordinary and flash steam.

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1 1/4-in. Bore x 1-in. Stroke

Double Cylinder.

Weight, 5 3/4-lbs.

Height, 5 3/4-ins.

This is a very powerful Engine for its weight and, as seen in the illustration, the gear wheels are enclosed in the housing.
CASTINGS AND MATERIALS, with all Studs and Nuts, machine cut Gear wheels and Drawings.

(Weight packed, 11-lbs.) 42/- carriage forward.
FINISHED ENGINE, complete and ready for steam
£9 0s. 0d.

No. 3 M.T.B. Stationary.

1 1,4-in. Bore x 1-in. Stroke

A high-speed and reliable Engine for long continuous runs. It is particularly suitable for direct coupling to dynamos, 120 to 150 watts.

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CASTINGS AND MATERIALS, including all Studs, Nuts, screws, machine cut Gear wheels and Drawings.

(Weight packed, 12-lbs.) 42/- carriage forward.
FINISHED ENGINE, complete and ready for steam
£9 0s. 0d.


This engine stands out as being distinctly different from the others similarity. It is a much bigger engine as can be seen from one of the photos below. A big improvement was enclosing the valve gears, protecting them from damage and allowing them to be oiled by the sump oil. Two versions were made available, one for marine use and the other for static use. One of the biggest design changes was the cylinder block casting. Instead of the cylinders being bored completey through the casting, on the No.3 they are machined from the bottom blind. (not completely cutting through the top of the casting) This is much more difficult for the amateur. Also the prots have to be accuratly machined from the top breaking into the blind cylinder bores. Note from the photos below that both have numbers cast on the side. (please contact me if you know their relevance.)

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M.T.B. 3

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M.T.B. 3 Stationary.

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M.T.B. 3 and a 1b, showing the increase is size of the 3 over the other M.T.B. engines.

Video of MTB 3


J.M. writes:-
"The No.3 M.T.B. I last ordered works splendidly, although only tried with a small indifferent boiler, it drives a three-bladed 4 3/8" propeller at good speed."


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