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Shunt Wound.
Open Protected type with Ball Bearings.

In introducing this new and improved range of Dynamos, we feel confident that they will prove most acceptable to the users of our larger size Model Engines. They are supplied, finished and tested only. They comply with B.E.S.A. Specification No. 170/1926.

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SLIDE RAILS … … …. …12/6
SHUNT REGULATORS.—Sliding type, C1 and C2, 25/-; C3, 35/-.
Sent by Rail, Carriage Paid.

Dynamos to give other outputs, quoted for on receipt of enquiries.

We also supply high speed Shunt Wound Dynamos of our celebrated

BOTTONE make for direct coupling as follows :—
Watts Approx.
Voltages. Output. r.p.m. Price.
No. 3 12-18 60 3000 25 0: 0
No. 4 12-18 80 3000 £5 10 0
Castings and Machined Sets not supplied.


This is a pretty rare dynamo. I have been unable to find any pictures of this one.

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