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1862 Exhibition Hall
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Williamson.Internationl Exhibition 1862

Type: Vertical, single cylinder, double acting, slide valve.
Bore 5/8in
Stroke: 1 3/8 in
Height: 13 in
Availability 1977 -?
Design: Hollow column real engine.


5/8in. Bore

1 3/8in. Stroke

Height 10in. (25.4 cm)
Approx. weight 6.5 Lb. (2.9 Kg)

This interesting and attractive model by "Tubal Cain" is a replica of a vertical engine made in the last century by the Kendal firm of Williamson Brothers. The original was about 8ft. 4in. (2.54m) high and ran at 130 r.p.m. with approximately 30 p.s.i. steam pressure, cylinder bore 6 1/2in., stroke 14in. It was exhibited in 1862 at the South Kensington International Machinery Exhibition and was no doubt intended for powering agricultural machinery. No actual example of the original is known to exist and this model has been scaled down (about 1:10) from catalogues and drawings.

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Cast-iron -
Base, plinth, entablature, flywheel, eccentric sheave.
Cast-aluminium alloy - Fluted column.
Gunmetal - Cylinder, steam chest, covers and glands, crosshead slippers, governor weights, bracket, and carrier.
rass - Main and big end bearings, piston, slide valve, pulleys, steam and exhaust flangers.
Steel - Piston, valve, eccentric and connecting rods, crankshaft, crankpin.
Sundries - Steam and exhaust pipes, brackets, spindles, entablature plates (W.M), nuts, studs, bolts, setscrews, straps, washers, pins, dowels, oil cups (finished).

Note - "Governor" belt is not supplied by Stuart Turner Ltd.

Kit (a) Castings, all Materials and Drawings.
(b) No. 155 Lubricator and Stop Valve.

The original design has been closely followed but a belt driven governor replaces the original's return crank and bevels and does not control engine speed.


This very pretty design is unique amongst the Stuart Turner stable. The main element is the cast hollow alluminium column. Futed and with frou oval openings to display the running gear inside. This is a 'real' engine with the crankshaft at the top and cylinder at the bottom. A square soleplate at the top is bordered by 3 decorative casting swith the original maufacturers name and town. A non functional version of the originals governer is mounted at the top and privides an interesting detail. With the name plate at the front the flywheel is mounted at the back. The crosshead runs in four slipper guides.

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Stuart Turner Williamson Engine.

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The Original engine engraving for the 1862 International Exhibition

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More info I discovered.

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Stuart locomotive advert. Stuart produced Loco plans and parts.

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This book is a must have if you intend to build one of these beautiful engines.

Video of Williamson Running.


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