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No.8No.7 lay down

Type: Horizontal, single cylinder, double acting, slide valve.
Bore 1 in
Stroke: 1 in
Height: 13 in
Design: Standard & Rod. Then Trunk Guide.
Availability 1906-Today.


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1in. Bore, 1in. Stroke

List of Castings and Parts.

CAST IRON.- Cylinder with Steam Ports cast in, 1 each Front and Back Covers, 1 Piston, 1 Valve Chest, 1 Cover, 1 Sole Plate, 1 Box Bed, 1 Fly-wheel, 1 Eccentric Sheave.
GUN-METAL.- 1 each Piston and Valve Glands, 1 Crosshead (cored out) 1 Connecting Rod, 1 Eccentric Strap with Rod, 4 Main Bearing Brasses, 1 Slide Valve, 1 each Steam and Exhaust Flanges, 1 Valve Rod Guide.
CAST STEEL.- 1 Crank Shaft.
SUNDRIES.- 1 each German Silver Piston and Valve Rods, 2 Guide Plates, Sheet Steel for Lagging, 1 Finished Piston Ring, 1 Hard Brass Valve Spindle Head, 1 Sheet Drawings showing all parts, full-sized, fully dimensioned.

Price = = = 7/6. Post, 9d. extra

All Studs, Bolts, Nuts and Screws, 4/- Cylinder Drain Cocks, 2/3 per pair, Lubricator, 1/6.

Finished Engines, £3 5s. 0d.

This set is well suited for beginners, as a very small Lathe only is required, and it will be found that our Special cast Iron is remarkably soft, and can be polished quite as easily as brass. The use of Cast Iron in Models gives them a very realistic appearance.

Foreign orders sent carriage forward, unless cost of Postage is included in payment.
Weight of Set packed, is under 7lbs.


Tis is the first horizontal engine stuart produced. It is basically a No.7 modified to run horizontally. The flywheel, crankshaft, conrod, eccentric, crosshead, cylinder, valve chest are all common parts with the No.7. The differences are the base, the soleplate and crankshaft bearing brasses. No guide is provided for the Valve Rod, relying on the Gland for support, this can cause vibration at speed. Later versions have an external guide the same as the No.7 mounted to the underside of the Valve Chest. This feature is an indication for this particular engine as other horizontal engines released later appear very similar. One design point of note is that the cylinder is mounted to the Soleplate by 5 bolts rather than the usual 6 of the No.7 this is because it is not possible to bolt through the underside of the soleplate. This does mean that the cylinder is not evenly attached round the circumfrence. It is not deemed an issue with this small size but on larger engines this problem is addressed. (see No.9)

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Nice No.8. Original Design.

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Real engine, Basis for No.8

No.8 Trunk Crosshead Guide

Stuart decided to change the design to the current one,

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Very nice No.8 Trunk with pipe & valves.

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Stuart Advert.

Video of Stuart No.8 running


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