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HENLEYSimple Pleasure

Type: Model steam launch.
Length: 24-ins.
Beam: 4 1/4-ins.
Displacement: 2 1/2-lbs.
Weight ready for running: 3-lbs.
S.T. Boiler
Engine: S.T.

The Steam Launch “ HENLEY ”


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Length, 24-ins. Beam, 41-ins. Displacement, 24-lbs.
Weight ready for running, 3-Ibs.

A splendid sea boat—practically unsinkable—she is very fast.
The steering is particularly good.

The mahogany hull is not dug out of the solid, but built up by a special method, making an extremely light and strong boat.

The machinery is the S.T. Steam Plant with the new Stuart Marine Boiler and spirit lamp which won’t blow out, even in a gale of wind. Over 1,000 of the S.T. Engines have already been sold as sets of machined parts at 5/- each. Though we guarantee every engine to work perfectly, not half a dozen times has there been any difficulty.

The boat is superbly finished throughout and will be a delight to every owner.

£2 2s. (Post Free}.



HULL.—Length 24 ins., Beam 4 1/2 ins., Depth 3 ins., Weight 1 Ib. Finest Honduras mahogany enamelled white and sea green. Stern deck and inside varnished. Name in gold on bow and stern.

ENGINE.—Weight, 44 ozs., S.T. Vertical Oscillating double-acting, bore and stroke 7/16-in., cast gunmetal cylinder, shaft, crank disc, and crankpin machined in one Piece from solid steel. Mounted on aluminium stretcher. Fitted with steam and exhaust pipes.

BOILER.—Length 51-ins., Width 2t-ins., Height 34-ins, Weight in working order 15 ozs., “‘S.T.”’ Marine type, solid drawn drum 1-in. dia. with brazed copper ends. Sheet steel casing. ‘Fitted on safety valve and polished copper funnel. ‘Complete with spirit lamp.

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PROPELLOR.—Cast gunmetal two-bladed 1?-in. diameter, 2-ins. pitch.

SHAFT.—Hard brass running in White metal bearings in brass stern tube flexible coupling to engine. | ,

RUDDER.—Polished brass compensated type. Rudder post has adjustable friction control.

SPRAY HOOD.—Polished aluminium.

The Steam Launch "HENLEY" — Continued.

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For those who prefer to build their own boats we can supply :—


Hull with hole bored for stern tube, machined set of engine parts, finished boiler and lamp, spray hood, propeller, shaft, coupling, stern tube, rudder, asbestos, | screws, working diagram and instructions for running.

30/- (Post Free)


For painting hull and fitting stern tube and rudder … … … … … extra
For finished engine fitted steam and exhaust pipes … … … … extra


Parts can be supplied separately as follows, all post free :-

Hull finished with one coat of undercoat paint … 15/-

Set of engine parts machined … … … 5/-

Boilers with safety valve, funnel, spirit lamp, steam and exhaust pipes … … 8/-

Spirit lamp, 1/- ; Safety valve, 2/- ; Funnel, 1/- ; Propellor, 2/- ; Stern tube and shaft, 2/- ; Coupling, 6d. ; Rudder, 2/- ; Engine stretcher 1/- ; Spray hood, 1/6.
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A simple design consisting of a flat hull and two sides with rounded edges and a flat deck. A later design has a curved metal bow deck. The S.T. power plant is easy to fit and run. The rudder is friction fit so you can preset the course to either straight or round.

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Early design Henley with single piece deck.

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Later design Henley with curved metal bow deck.

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A simple, elegant design.

Please drop me a link if you find video of the Henley launch running.

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Early Henley design with simple flush bow deck.

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Later advert showing Henley with curved metal bow deck.

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