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Type: Horizontal marine centre flue.
Barrel length: 6 1/2 in.
Barrel diameter:
3 1/2 in.
Overall Length: 8 in
No. of cross tubes:
Height to top of funnel:
5 1/2 in.
Diameter of centre flue:
2 in.
Working Pressure:
80-100 P.s.i.
Availability 1926-1933


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The principle of the Centre-Flue Boiler is obviously ideal for model power boats. The Cross Tubes in the centre-flue ensure very rapid generation of steam. The blowlamp flame is enclosed and surrounded by the water space of the boiler, so that the inside of the hull is not subjected to extremely high temperature. It is only necessary to line the hull with asbestos and to mount the boiler on chocks or crutches as shown in the illustration.
Petrol is used for the blow lamp—this fuel gives an intense clean flame. It is capable of steaming all types of steam engines up to 1-in. bore by 1-in. stroke, double acting cylinder. The power plant as shown is fitted with hand lever pump for filling the boiler while under steam pressure. The separate boiler is supplied complete with check valve, to which connections from the pump may be attached. The pump recommended for this purpose is our No. 145/1. Page 26.


Boiler. Constructed of solid drawn copper tube brazed throughout with gun metal boiler ends. Boiler mountings comprise pop safety valve, screw down regulator, water gauge, pressure gauge, check valve. Normal working pressure 80-100-lb. Weight without water 34-lb. Length 6}-in. Diameter 3 1/2-in. Height over Funnel 5 1/2-in. Diameter of Funnel 1 1/2in. No. of Cross Tubes 6. Price £12 15s. Od. PiTax, {2:. lis, Od: Blow Lamp. The Container is constructed from solid drawn tube and all joints are silver soldered. Fittings comprise screw down regulator valve and combined filler and air valve, with adaptor for connecting cycle pump. Length overall 8-in. Size of Container 23-in. dia. by 4-in. long. Height over fittings 44-in. Weight 22-0z, ;

Price £3 5s. Od. (P/Tax, 13/-)

Sectional Views of Boiler Showing Position of Water Tubes
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A faily simple centre flue marine boiler for use with small launches. The design is fitted to a mounting plate along with water pump, fuel tank and burner. The only thing required is connecting to an in boat water tank or with a quick releas to an external tank. The small water volume and cross pipes in the flue make this a rapid steaming boiler that requires frequent water top ups.

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