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The only efficient Miniature Dynamo.

Alternating Current for direct lighting, It will not run as a Motor nor charge Accumulators.
Height 3-ins., Length Overall 4-ins,
Pulley with V Groove 3/4-in. in diam.

Output :—
At 2,500 r.p.m. two 4 volt 1 watt lamps
,, 3,000 ,, four ,, ,, ,,
,, 6,000. ,, eight ,, ,, ,,
21/- Post Free.

Foreign orders should include Postage for 3-lbs.
Special Spring Driving Belt, 1/- ; Grooving your Flywheel to suit, 2/-.


This dynamo has been specially designed to be driven by the Stuart Mill Engine, No. 10, B.B., Star, Sun and other small engines.
We have therefore endeavoured to produce a machine that shall be as good as
can possibly be made.
The scientific design from an electrical and magnetic point of view, sound mechanical design and great accuracy of workmanship, whereby the air gap is reduced to .005 ins., make the efficiency of the dynamo extraordinarily high. A lamp can be made to glow merely by twisting the spindle between the fingers.
The Spindle is of silver steel and the Bearings are long and of best gunmetal.
The current is collected from 2 slip rings by spring brushes and led to the terminals,
Note.—On no account remove the Armature without first bridging the field
magnet poles with a piece of iron.
The rating plate is marked “ R.P.M. 3,000, volt varied by running at higher or lower speed.
The following outputs are obtained with our standard engines and boilers. :
Mill Engine and Boiler. Maintained pressure 30-lbs. 2 one watt lamps.
No. 10 ,, ,, ,, No, 501 Boiler. ,, ,, 50 lbs. 4 ,, ,, ,,
No. 10 ,, ,, ,, No. 504 Boiler. ,, ,, 60-lbs. 8 ,, ,, ,,
No. 10 ,, ,, ,, No. 499 Boiler. ,, ,, 30-lbs. 1 ,, ,, ,,
With these engines, boilers and dynamos, a complete and strikingly realistic lighting plant can be constructed entirely without a lathe.
Beds for direct coupled engines are shown on page 24.


A carefully designed little dynamo that accuratly replicates its full sized counterpart. Ideal for powering small AC bulbs. As mentioned in the text this is not suitable for charging batteries or for running as an electric motor.

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Stuart Star engine with baseplate and Dynamo.

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Full sized dynamo for fitting to a Showmans engine.

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Electrical generating set from a steam ship.

Stuart D10 running the Dynamo.


"i received the dynamo and am exceedingly pleased with same. i am sure you ought to be proud to have produced such an excellent little machine both from an efficient and appearance point of view.."


"The small guinea Dynamo arrived safely and was much admired. I may say that I have spent a small fortune on dynamos, English, French, German, etc., but yours is the only one I could get the No. 1o to drive satisfactorily. The Displacement Lubricator also is a great success, and no doubt helps keep steam up."

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