Added the Triple Compound engine.

Added the Sirius engine.
This completes the twin cylinder enclosed single acting engines.
Let me know which engines you would like me to cover next

Added Sun engine.

Added the Star high speed marine engine.

Things may appear a bit different as problems with the visibility of the menus have required me to republish the whole site with a new template. Hope you find this better.

Sorry about the delay folks, but its taken a while to track down some nice videos. I have almost no images of user machined workshop machines so I would appreciate you sending any you have to me.


Just added details on the Progress series of engines to the Horizontal menu. I may move this to another menu as more engines are added. Possibly under a beginners category.

Added Twin Launch and Compound Twin. Two very nice engines just like the real thing and fits in the palm of the hand.
I have included some info on Flash steam boilers in the Compound Twin sidebar.
Twin Launch LINK
Compound Twin LINK

Added Stuart Pinnace Compound engine.
Check out the sidebar on this page, I have included details of Compound engine Simpling Valves.
I hope you can understand the description as it is pretty complicated in operation.
Let me know if you don't.

Added a group of new engines, the M.T.B. range.
As well as pages for each I have included a page covering the range.
M.T.B. Engines LINK

I have also moved the BB engine to the same 'Marine' category.

Added some more information to the No.7 page. LINK.
Page for No.7a coming soon.

Just been through and added a few old Stuart adverts across the website.
In case you didn't realise it Stuart didn't only make steam engines and water pumps they also did a few things for the war effort. So I have dropped a few interesting ones onto random pages to see if anyone can find them all..

Added Stuart D10
added the stuart D10 twin 10v engine. LINK

Added Stuart No.10v
Added a new page for the No.10v engine. Interestingly both the 10v & 10h were advertised on a single page so I have duplicated this at the beginning of both pages. I have also included the design changes from the original release to the current design.
10h coming shortly. LINK

I can't find video of an original style 10v running so if you can help please contact me.

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