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Type: L.N.W. Metropolitan Tank engine.
Cylinders: Twin outboard cylinders
Configuration: 4-4-2T
Availability 1906-?

3/4 in. Scale Working Model
. . of . .
L.N.W. Tank Loco

(As described in the "Model Engineer," Not, 117, 118, 119, Vol. IX).

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This Set is undoubtedly the finest and most complete ever placed on the market. All the sheet steel is cut to overall dimensions, and is clean and flat, the main frames are well hammered to stiffen, the sheet brass for tanks, etc., is also cut to overall dimensions and is all of best quality. All necessary materials for the construction of the Loco are included, with the exception of screws, rivets, boiler mountings, and their accompanying pipes; where tubes form part of the construction, these are included,

It is important to note that all these castings and parts are precisely similar to those used in in the construction of the Loco, the photo block of which is shown on next page.

Customers have therefore the satisfaction of knowing that the parts will make a practical model, in fact, I claim that, for size of cylinders, etc, made to equal its performance,

List of Castings and Parts.

GUNMETAL.— 2 Cylinders, 4 Covers, 4 Glands, 2 Pistons, 2 Crossheads, 2 Valves, 2 buckles, 2 Eccentric straps, 1 Steam chest, 1 Cover (forming front bogie support), 1 Bogie slide box, 1 Bogie slide frame, 2 Equalising levers, 8 Bogie Horn plates, 10 Axle boxes, 4 Horn-blocks, 1 Motion plate, 2 Guide-bar Brackets, 4 Main frame angles, 1 Frame stretcher, 12 Keeps, 4 Buffer stccks, 4 Buffer heads, 1 Trailing Bogie support, 2 Sides, 1 Controlling bracket, 2 Levers, 1 Firebox shell, 2 Safety valve castings, 2 Boiler ends, 1 Steam dome, 1 Chimney, 2 Oil tank ends, 1 Set hand-pump (5) castings, 2 Tank lids.

CAST IRON. —10 Wheels, 1 Smoke door, 2 Eccentric sheaves, 2 Stop collars,

SHEET STEEL.—2 Main frames, special planished, 2 Front bogie frames, 2 Footplates,
2 pieces Side foot plating, 2 Buffer beams, 2° Cab roofs, 4 Life-Guards, 2 Smokebox
saddLe plates, 1 Trailing bogie top plate, 1 Sheet-iron flame guard,

ROUND STEEL -for Piston and valve rods, Axles, Crank pins, Frame stretchers, Spring pins,
Oil-tank stay and hand-rails,

FORGINGS.—2 Connecting rods, 2 Coupling rods, also steel for Guide-bars and Eccentric rods.

SHEET BRASS.—2 Cab sides, 2 Weather-boards, 4 Tank sides and ends, 4 Tank tops and
bottoms, 1 Bunker sides and top stretcher, 1 Cylinder lagging.

COPPER.—1 Firebox top and sides, 2 Firebox ends,

TUBES.—10 Brass tubes, 5 Field tubes (with internal tubes and plugs), 2 Boiler stays, 1 Hand-
pump barrel, 1 Boiler barrel, 1 Oil tank,

SUNDRIES.— Brass angle for frame edging and cab roof, Edging for cab and tanks, Brass rod for hand-pump plunger and hand rail pillars, 1 Primus burner with reducing socket,
air valve and oil inlet, and release.



Complete Set as above, including 3 large sheets of drawings £5 10s 0d
Iron and Gunmetal Castings only, with drawings £2 17s 6d
Iron and Gunmetal Castings only, without drawings £2 10s 0d
Drawings only, full price allowed if Set purchased. £1 1s 0d
Boring, Turning and Planing Cylinders per pair. £0 7s 6d
Boring, and Turning Set of 10 Wheels £1 7s 6d
Pair of Main Frames, finished to shape £1 5s 0d
Set of finished cylinders with valve chest complete with all fittings ready for steam. £3 5s 0d
Finished Loco, including all equipment £50 0s 0d

Any castings may be obtained, separately, prices for these and also for machining other parts on application.


W.B. writes “Thanks very much for the 8in, wheel castings. I am very pleased indeed with them and have never seen such splendid castings, although I have dealt with most of the leading
firms in model work. I want a pair of 5in, bogie wheels as after seeing yours I cannot use the ones I have,”

H.W.B. writes “I safely received the new Castings which you replaced free of charge, for which I thank you very much, I may say that all my friends and myself have never seen finer castings,”


A nicely designed 4-4-2T tank engine. It appears that Stuart have done a bit of research at the time of creating this model as they have produced a kit with all the materials needed, unlike a lot of kits that only included main castings. They even included the option of scale sized front wheels or reduced size front wheels for better cornering on small radius tracks.this is a typical older style tank engine with the lovely smokebox casing that curves down into the cylinder covers. This entry appears in the 1906 catalog but I can find no other information other than the following reference in the SIMEC magazine History of Stuart Turner.

" In these early years of this century Stuart Turner had made himself known to the Society of Model Engineers (founded in 1899) and it is certain that the Society's first secretary, Herbert Sanderson, got to know Stuart Turner through their association during the various exhibitions and conversations. Later Herbert Sanderson was made Treasurer and the new secretary was Henry Greenly, in later years, both these men were to be closely associated with the company, Sanderson becoming Managing Director in 1921. Stuart Turner was always "on the ball" and exhibited on every possible occasion, he didn't miss out much on publicity and in the early issues of "Model Engineer" there was nearly always some mention of what Stuarts had or had not done. The engines they were selling were very much in advance of what was then available so there was a ready market for them. Although a number of excellent models were being made, there were few, if any, which were not scaled down versions of full size engines or locomotives. Stuart engines were of very simple design, made specifically for the amateur builder to construct, to demonstrate the principles of steam or to enjoy running for various purposes. However, the company did make one scale model at this time, a Henry Greenly design of an L.N.W.R. locomotive to Erin. scale (Fig. 4) Stuarts got the job of making this engine for a Colonel Harvey, in competition from several other engineers. The contract time was 18 weeks, but Stuarts completed it in 16 weeks, earning a bonus and several compliments from the purchaser for the excellence of the work done. (The facsimile reproduction of the Stuart 1906 Catalogue, gives full details of this engine, as well as copies of Greenfly's original working drawings, end papers). About this time, Stuarts had no fewer than nine engines in their range, mostly vertical designs, but also a couple of horizontal types. "

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Closest matching engine I can find, 4-4-2T Metropolitan Tank Engine. 10 built at Crewe Works. 1892.


Dear Mr. Turner,
In response to your letter I may say that Col. Harvey expressed himself very satisfied indeed with your work on No, 2 Model Loco, saying, in the presence of Mr. Marshall, the Editor of the “ Model Engineer,” that the engine embodies the best workmanship and finish he has ever received, I am instructed to add 5 per cent. to the contract sum now due to you as a reward for the promptness in delivery and general success of the engine, which on the first trial
on rails worked admirably and without a hitch.

Personally I may say that the engine is the most successful that I have yet had built to my designs, and this is largely due to your care and skill in its erection.

Yours truly,
(Signed) H, GREENLY,

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