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This is the only small D.C. dynamo of thoroughly sound design, both mechanically and electrically, on the market.

The complete set of accurately machined parts is provided with such clear instructions that the beginner who has never tackled electrical work before may build this machine with confidence.

It is an open protected two-pole shunt-wound dynamo, with 10 section armature, ball bearings, self lubricating brushes in radial adjustable holders, and former wound field coils.
Two sets of windings are provided. No.1 is for use with Not. 7a, 8 and Sun engines, and No.2 for use with Stuart Nos. 4 and 9 engines. the Petrol lightweight, and No. 800 Gas Engines.
Max output with No.1 winding at 2,000 r.p.m., 25 Watts, 12Volts.
Max output with No.2 winding at 3,000 r.p.m., 40 Watts, 12 Volts.

Price of Dynamo, finished and tested (9-lbs. packed) … £3 5s Post free.
Fully machined castings, armature assembled, commutator finished and bearings fitted, bolts, terminals, wire and all material for building (9-lbs. packed) … £1 3s Post free.
The dynamo may be direct coupled to the Sun engine or driven by belt from the flywheel of lower speed engines, such as Stuart Not. 4, 7a, 8 and 9. Slide rails which enable the dynamo to be moved to adjust the belt can be supplied.
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Winding armature and finishing 9/-
Field coils wound and taped
All holes drilled and taped
Pulley 1/6
Slide rails and bolts 3/1
Rubber driving belt


The design of this dynamo is well suited to powering by small steam or IC engines. Providing enough power for small lightbubls or charging 12 V batteries. It must be remembered that at this time many rural houses were not connected to mains electricity. My grandfather had apetrol powered generator and charged 12 V batteries for families in the village. The combination in the image below shows the standard cast base for mounting this combination. Different bases were available for different combinations of engines and dynamos or water pumps.

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Stuart Bottone powered by a BB engine, both mounted on a cast baseplate.