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Type: Vertical, single cylinder, double acting, oscillating
Bore 7/16 in
Stroke: 7/16 in
Height: 3 in
Availability 1928-1993. 2003-Today
Plant Availability 1964-1998
Twin S.T. Availability 1934, 2003-today
Design: Oscillating cylinder

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THE ENGINE (7/16-in. bore; 7/16-in. stroke) is just as carefully made as our bigger engines, and is a great favourite for driving Meccano and other toys. It is extraordinarily powerful, though it is not big enough to drive a dynamo.
The cylinder is double-acting, it and the standard are cast in gunmetal. The crankshaft, disc, and crankpin are in one piece of solid steel. The engine can with the aid of the very clear and simple instructions be built by the youngest beginner.
With such accuracy are the parts made, that we
guarantee the engine will work well. If there is any difficulty, send the engine to us, we will gladly give assistance. Overall dimensions, 2-ins. long x 1-in wide x 3-ins. high.
THE BOILER. 1 3/4-ins. dicm., 5 1/2-ins. long, is of solid drawn copper, brazed throughout and tested to many times the working pressure. It is provided with a reliable "pop" safety valve, a safe spirit lamp and polished copper funnel, overall dimensions 5 1/2-ins. x 2 1/4-ins. x 4 1/2-ins.high. Working pressure 30-lbs.


Very clear instructions for building the engine and running the plant are provided.
Set of Engine Parts …
5/- post free, postage abroad, 6d
Finished Boiler with lamp and connection to engine (post free) …
Set of Engine parts and finished boiler together (post free)
Foreign Orders should include postage for 3-lbs.
EXTRAS- Exhaust Pipe and Union Nut,
1/-. 12-ins. of 1/8-ins. Steam Pipe with Nut and Liner (when S.T. Boiler is not used) 1/6.


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The most powerful and efficient complete Steam Plant on the British market.
Many Plants have been working for thee or four years, and are still as powerful as ever.
A complete plant, engine and boiler mounted on fire-proof base 9-ins. x 3 1/2-ins.
Painted and Tested, 17/6 Post free.
Foreign Orders should include Postage for 3-lbs.
Fire-proof Base,
2/- Post Free.

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This small beginners engine is different from the other steam engines in that it is an oscilating engine. The standard is made of bronze and the valve face is machined on the top. The cylinder is mounted to the standard by a sprung loaded pivot. The piston connected to the crank disc pivots the cylinder as the crank rotates. The steam is connected to the cylinder by two pairs of holes drilled into the standard. Each pair lines up with holes on the cylinder when it is pivoted to the two extremes. Each pair is connected to push the piston up or down. A very simple engine to build, available sepertely, with a boiler or as part of a complete plant mounted on a fireproof base. (probably asbestos) The boiler is fueled by a methelyated spirits burner and will very quickly run this small boiler up to pressure. This model is ideal for running small boats via running gear available from stuart seperately.

S.T. Twin. In 1934 a twin cylinder model was introduced with a new standard duplicating the single standard in the form of a V shape at 90 degrees. A new steam inlet is mounted in between the two cylinders and incorporates a simple reversing mechanism and control lever. both cylinders are connected to the single crank disk.

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The Complete plant showing meths burner.

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S.T. Twin showing the reverse mechanism.

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S.T. Twin showing cylinder arrangement and displacement oiler.

Video of S.T.

Video of S.T. Twin.

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 4.06.10 pm

Customer Comments

Mr. W. P. B. writes:- 18th May, 1930.
"May I take this opportunity of letting you know how excellent your S.T. Steam Plant is. I have fitted one to a 24 1/2" hull, which I have constructed, and the engine drives it at a terrific pace ; also everyone is always remarking how silent it is. It is by far and away the best I have seen or heard of for its price and size."

Mr. P. W. P. writes:- 15th August,1930
"My S.T. Plant still runs perfectly after 2 years of use."

Mr. R.G.P. write:-
"The S.T.Engine and boiler I purchased from you, has given perfect satisfaction driving a steam tug of 24" long. This is a scale model of one of the local boats, and she is very powerful."

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