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10HMiniature No.9

Type: Horizontal, single cylinder, double acting, slide valve.
Bore 3/4 in
Stroke: 3/4 in:
Availability 1924-Today.

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All the castings are fully machined with great accuracy.
The necessary bolts, studs and nuts are included, and full instructions with working drawings are provided.
A hand drill and a few taps, drills and files are the only tools required for building the engine.


3/4 in. Bore x 3/4 in. Stroke.


Reversing Gear not supplied.

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You can build these Engines WITHOUT a LATHE.


SET A. A hand drill and a few taps and files are the only tools necessary to build the engine.

Necessary Drills (4), 2/6. Taps (2), 1/6.

SET B All holes are accurately drilled and tapped for the bolts. A spanner and screwdriver will enable the engine to be put together.
A small file is necessary for finishing and fitting.

BOX BED (as illustrated), machined and drilled, including bolts,

FINISHED ENGINE, on box bed, built and tested under steaming our works.

ALL POST FREE. Foreign Orders should include Postage for 3-lbs.





Lubricator, 2/3. Pair of Draincocks, 4/-.

Hardened Steel Spanner , for 3/32-in. nuts, 1/-.

Machined parts can be supplied individually at the following prices :-
Cylinder, 3/- ; Top Cover, 1/- ; Bottom Cover and Standard, 3/- ; Piston and Rod, 1/- ; Valve Chest, 1/6 ; Valve Chest Cover, 6d, ; Valve, 6d. ; Valve Spindle and Head, 9d. ; Gland, 6d. ; Crosshead, 9d. ; Guide Plates, 6d. ; Connecting Rod, 4/6 ; Eccentric Rod and Strap, 2/- ; Eccentric, 1/- ; Bearings, 1/6 ; Crankshaft, 3/- ; Soleplate, 2/- ; Flywheel, 2/6 ; Front Column, 6d. ; Lagging, 4d. ; Horizontal Engine Sole Plate, 4/- ; Instruction Book, 6d. ; Steam Pipe and Union and Exhaust Pipe, 3/6.


This is literally a miniature No.9. Almost every feature is replicated in small size. Other than the number of bolts used to secure each part the only differences are; a combined Eccentric Strap and Rod, no Valve Rod Guide. The valve chest cover has a circular recess cast in the front, originally designed to break up the plain surface, later engines had the S logo cast into it.


The No.10 H had a single evolution from the originalm single sided croshead guide to the tubular style. This allowed the engine to be set to run in either direction without excess strain. Mounting the soleplate is however trickier to mount for machining.

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Original design.

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Current design with trunk guide.

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Stuart Advert.

Video Of Current Design.


30th January, 1926

C. H. P. writes :—
"I have had the No.10v Engine for 5 years, and it has run on an average five nights a week, six hours a night. I am running the engine in our town on Saturday night for the Hospital, so I want it to be at its best, and show them what the Stuart No. 10 can do, and the workmanship of your parts.

20th March, 1925..

C. R. A. B. writes :—
"I received your No.10h on Wednesday, and it is an absolute beauty."

3rd June, 1925.

L. S. writes :—
" I have just finished making your No.10h. It is a topping engine, runs beautifully. I am very pleased with it."

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