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Oil Pump
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Type: Oil Field pump
Height: 12 in
Availability 1906-Today.


Height 12in.

The oil Field Pump is a relatively new addition to the Stuart range. We have designed the model so it can be powered by any of our engines and closely follows the style of oil field pumps working to this day all over the world.
The reciprocating action of this model, when driven by an engine, makes for a fascinating centrepiece to any steam display. The Oil Field Pump is supplied as a complete set of castings and materials together with finished gears, drawings, fixings and fittings.
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Cast Iron - Baseplate, control weights, control arms, pump head, 2 5/8in. flywheel.
Gunmetal - Arm block, front support legs, pump base, lower pump body, upper pump body, pipe unions, journal blocks.
Steel - Spindles, support columns, screws, bracket, bearing block caps, beam, stroke and piston slides.
Sundries - Detailed drawings, "O" rings, washers, balls, finished gears, fixings pack.


Spring Belt - The belt allows drive from an engine or other power source, e.g. electric motor.
Paint set - Stuart Black and Green enamel paints.


As can be seen from the image below, the Stuart pump is very accurate to the real thing. This type of pump is used for lifting oil from deep wells, pumping from this depth at speed is would require a large power source, so by gearing the power source down and running the pump slowly, a smaller engine can be used. The stuart model also incoporates gearing to run the pump at a realistic speed from the high speed developed by most Stuart steam engines. The pump itself is suspended at the bottom of the well on the end of a very long rod, this is very heavy. very heavy so large counterweights are fitted to slow the pump being lowered and reduce power required to lift it. The pump rod is suspended by wires from the pump head, these lay against the curved end of the head as the pump head is raised to maintain a vertical pull on the rod.

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Oil Field Pump out in the field.

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Stuart Pump powered by an electric motor.

Video Of Stuart Oil Pump


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