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Double barrelled2 is better than 1

No. 495.
: Horizontal, twin tube boiler.
7 1/2 in.
5 in.
Height: 4 1/2 in
Weight empty: 2 lbs. 7 ozs.
Weight full: 3 lb. 7 ozs.
Cross Tubes: 14
Working Pressure: 60 PSI
Run Time: 12 minutes. Star engine.
No. 496.
: Horizontal, twin tube boiler.
Length: 6 1/2 in.
3 7/8 in.
Height: 3 1/2 in
Weight with Spirit Lamp: 26 .
Working Pressure: 30 PSI
Run Time: 15 minutes. 2 x S.T. engines, Meteor

The 495.


For all Engines with cylinders up to 3/4-in. x 3/4-in.

Length 7 1/2-ins., Width 5-ins., Height 4 1/2-ins., Weight, Empty 2-lbs. 7-ozs., Full, 3-lbs. 7-ozs.


This boiler, the result of careful experiment has the great advantage of ample water space combined with the free steaming qualities of the water tube type.
At the same time the weight is kept low down in the boat, and there is free access of air to the furnace.
The design of the boiler makes it very suitable for firing by means of a blow lamp.
A long length of steam pipe passes through the flame, so the steam is thoroughly dried. The boiler is immensely strong. I will steam the "Star" engine at full power and 60-LBS. pressure for 12 minutes at one filling.

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Price post free … £3 0s. 0d.
Pressure Gauge, 10/6; Duplex Spirit Burner, 10/- ; Blowlamp, 20/-

No. 496 Twin Drum Type

Marine or stationary
Height: 314in. (89mm.)
Length: 614in. (165mm.)
Width: 37Zin. (98mm.)
Weight with lamp: 260z. (0.75Kg.)
Working pressure: 30 p.s.i. (2-bar)

This boiler is especially suited to smaller working ship models where its low overall height enables it to be located conveniently below deck level and assists in achieving a low centre of gravity. It is fired by methylated spirit and will drive two “S.T.” engines.

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Twin drums, brazed solid drawn copper, 1in. diameter. Polished copper funnel. Safety valve, seating for pressure gauge and plug, spirit lamp giving large twin flames. Water gauge and test cocks are not provided.

Part No. Availability
34-50-72496—Finished boiler, painted and tested

Postage Code: A


Whilst both these boilers look similar outwardly, they are very different underneath their sheet metal covers. Both however are designed for the same purpose, powering Stuarts model launches. To this end they have only one way to fill them, having no clack valve. (one way water inlet valve for use under pressure.) they can only be filled by releasing any steam pressure and opening up the fill port. The launches were designed to be steamed up and launched into a model boat pond, then rushing round the other side to grab it. The boilers water capacity was carefully matched to the fuel source so that the fuel would run out before the water, preventing the boiler running dry and causing damage. The main diference between the two are the 14 connecting tubes that run between both drums of the No.495 boiler. The No. 496 appears to only have 1 mounted to the bottom ends of the 2 drums, outside the casing. Thus the No. 495 produces significantly more steam than the No.496. The No.495 was paired with the Star engine and Isis boat while the No.496 was paired with the Meteor engine and Henley boat.

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Stuart 496 Boiler showing twin boiler design. Much simpler than the No. 495. with its multiple connecting tubes. In right photo connecting pipe is just visible to left of casing.

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Stuart 496 Boiler and Stuart Meteor engine.

Video of No. 495

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Video Of 496


No.496 advert.


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