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ScoreDouble the fun laying down

Type: Double Horizontal, twin cylinder, double acting, slide valve.
Bore 3/4 in
Stroke: 3/4 in
Height: 3 7/8 in
Availability 1976-Today.
Design: Trunk Guide
Power: 1/10 bhp

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Height (on Boxbed) … …3 7/8-in
Width … … … … … … … 5 3/4 in
Length … … … … … … 6 3/8 in
Weight (without Boxbed) 1.7 kg.

The Engine must be seen to appreciate the thoroughly practical nature of the design - it is robust and not at all difficult to build. The cranks being at 90 degrees, the Engine has no dead centres. It is suitable for all kinds of stationary work at speeds up to 2,000 r.p.m.

Set of Castings fully machined and with all holes drilled and tapped

Once again we are able to introduce the famous Stuart machined sets of castings. It has meant most careful preparation of tools and jigs and you will find the finish throughout is superb. Only two things are necessary to build the model :— a few files and great care to avoid damaging the machined surfaces. Then you may be sure of having a really beautiful engine.


The Score is a twin cylynder version of the trunk guide No.10h. Designed to match the No. D10. So similar is the Score
to the No.D10 that you could convert one to a Score by machining a new base and soleplate and fitting the rest of the parts from the No.D10. The only problem may be that the cylinder may have different hole positions for the bolts that fix it to the top of the Trunk guide. Unlike the vertical engines Stuart did not provide Stephenson reversing gear for this engine, however I have com accross a couple of examples where the D10 gear had been modified to fit. I have also seen a small stuart hand water pump modified to run with an eccentric. That said there is not much more to say about the Score other than that it appears to be a much rarer engine than the No.D10.

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Stuart Score

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Full size twin horizontal trunk guide engine. Fitted with Stephensons reverse gear.

Video of Stuart Score running.


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