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Marine Steam Engine
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Marine Engines

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NO.3 without Reversing Gear.

Compound Engines.

The following pages show two small Compound Engines.
These are well designed, and a large number of Castings and Finished Engines have been supplied to Customers both at home and abroad.

Read this.

It will give you an idea of the capabilities of these engines.

Original customer letter.
Mr.s.M.Stuart Turner.
Dear Sir, I have not replied to your letter before as I was anxious to make another and more careful test of your No.3 Compound, 1 5/8 in. and 2 3/8 in. by 1 5/8 in stroke. Tis I have now done with the following results.
Boiler pressure, 175 lbs per square in, superheat, 205 degrees; output obtained from dynamo, including shunt current, 10 amps, 205 volts. Engine running as 1325 revs. per min. Thisgives an E.H.P. of 2.704, and allowing for at least 20% loss in transmission and conversion, this gives a B.H.P. at flywheel of 3.24, which I consider a most remarkable performance. The engine was run under these conditions for 55 minutes, and showed no signs of distress in any way. During the test the engine ran practically silently, and at the conclusion all wearing parts were at their normal temperature, and without shake. It is without doubt the only Engineer designed set on the Market. In the face of these facts it is unnecessary for me to say that the design and workmanship are of the highest order possible, and are as far removed from the ordinary "model Makers" efforts as the proverbial "chalk from cheese."

Yours faithfully,
(signed) C. Courtney Fry.

(Note. the above engine was constructed from stock castings as per list, and was fitted with reversing gear.)

NOTE.- The above Engines constructed from stock castings as per list, and was fitted with reversing gear.

Full particulars and working drawing of this engineer published in the "Model Engineer," September 1st, 1902.

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