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Type: G.N.R. Atlantic Class
Twin Outboard Cylinders
Configuration: 4-4-2
Availability: 1906-?

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251 G.N.R.

The above is an illustration of one of the latest G.N.R. Atlantic type of Ten Wheelers with a Wootten Fire-Box; and on the preceeding page is a general view of a 3in. scale Working Model.

The cylinders are 1 in. by 1 1/2 in. stroke. The bogie wheels in the model are made slightly smaller than scale to allow them to pass under the engine frame ‘when on a curve, but standard scale wheels can be used to obtain a correct model. This is built for a 38 gauge, but can be varied slightly.

The main framing stops at the firebox, and is continued outside the bogie wheels, thus allowing ample room for the burner. This is done by means of castings, on which are cast the axle-box horn-plates and dummy laminated springs. A hairpin type of super heater is used. A large valve chest common to both cylinders, fitted with a large door, by means of which the setting of valves is a simple matter. Link reversing gear is fitted. The smoke-box door is cast in one piece and can be removed intact, thus allowing ample room for any adjustment inside.

The firebox end and tube plate is cast of best gunmetal, with flanges, and a single sheet of copper riveted round this forms a very reliable and also simple method of construction,A cast throat plate and firebox shell end is also used.

The castings include all cast parts in iron, steel, and gunmetal, of the finest quality.

The plate work and tubes consist of all materials necessary to construct this model, with the exception of brass fittings, such as guages, cocks, etc., and screws and rivets.

Every model maker knows the trouble of obtaining the odds and ends required to complete a loco after he has stings. To obviate this I have (as in the L.N.W. set) carefully supplied every piece necessary. A very liberal allowance of material is supplied of the very best quality obtainable. All steel plates are carefully machine-cut to overall dimensions and are perfectly clean, flat, and free from twist. The total length of engine and tender is 3 ft. 7 in.

The castings of this loco, are suitable for many other types of outside cylinder engines, such as the N.E.R. "Atlantic".


The following may be of interest to Readers of this List.

The "Model Engineer". February 9th, 1905, in referring to the recent exhibition at Holborn Town Hall, says: "Stuart Turner's show of High Speed Engines and Engine Castings was much appreciated, all sizes of his famous engines being represented, from the small T.B.D. engine to the 6 h.p. Compound Launch Engine. On his stand was a very fine model of G.N.R. 251, which he has lately completed to the order of a customer."

Castings and Materials for 251 Engine and Tender.

2 Cylinders, 4 Covers, 4 Glands, 2 Pistons, 2 Crossheads, 2 Valves, 4 Eccentric Straps, 1 Steam Chest, 1 Cover (forming front bogie support) ; 1 Bogie Slide Box, 1 Bogie Slide Frame, 16 Axle Boxes, 4 Horn Blocks, 1 Motion Plate, 2 Guide Bar Brackets, 4 Buffer Stocks, 2 Firebox Ends (these may be exchanged for copper sheet if desired); 1 Throat Plate, 1 Boiler Front, 1 Tube Plate with smoke box extension, 1 Steam Dome, 1 Chimney, 2 Safety Valve Castings, 2 Oil Tank Ends, ] Set of Hand Pump Castings, 6 Tender Horn Plates with dummy springs; 2 Main Frame Extensions complete with Angles, Horn Plates, 8 Angle Brackets, etc.

CAST IRON.—16 Wheels, 1 Smoke Door, 4 Eccentric Sheaves, 12 Brake Blocks (for tender),
CAST STEEL.—4 Buffer Heads, 3 Reversing Levers.

SHEET STEEL.—2 Main Frames, 2 Front Bogie Frames, 2 Foot Plates, 2 Pieces Side Plating, 4 Buffer Beams, 1 Cab Front, 1 Cab Side and Top, 4 Life Guards, 2 Smoke Box Saddle
Plates, 1 Sheet Flame Guard, 3 Flanged Plates for Tender, Sides and Ends; 2 Tender Main Frames, and Tender Floor; 1 Sheet Steel Tender Top.

FORGING.—2 Connecting Rods, 2 Coupling Rods.

ROUND STEEL.—For Axles, Crank Pins, Spring Pins, Piston and Valve Rods, also for Y.S, Heads, Hand Rails, Brake Gear,

FLAT BAR STEEL.—Of required sections, for Eccentric Rods, Reversing Gear, Brake Gear, Horn Plates, Keeps, etc,

TUBES.—12 Brass or Copper Boiler Tubes, 5 Field Tubes (with Internal Tubes and Plugs), 2 Boiler Stays, 1 Chimney Sleeve, 2 Regulator Tubes, 1 Boiler Barrel, 1 Smoke Box Tube, 1 Oil Tank Tube—(Note these are turned to dead lengths). Steam Pipes, Super-heater Pipes,

SUNDRIES.—Include all Angle Brass, Brass Rod for stays, Copper Sheet for Firebox, and Water Tank, Frame Edging, etc., etc. In short everything required to construct the Loco is supplied with the exception of Finished Fittings, Screws, Rivets, etc.—These may be obtained, and prices will be quoted on receipt of requirements, Primus or other Petroleum Burners will be included with the Finished Fittings,

The Drawings are full-size and comprise 5 large Sheets.



All Castings for Engine Boiler and Tenders, including Drawings a £5 5s 0d
All Steel Plates, Round and Flat Steel, Forging, Tubes, Sheet Brass and Rod £3 10s 0d
Drawings only £1 5s 0d

(Credited in full if Castings are purchased)

Packed in strong case and delivered G.W.R Free.


A nice looking 4-4-2 engine with outboard cylinders and a tender. As i am not a Locomotive expert there is little more for me to say other than it looks just like the real thing see below.

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G.N.R. 251

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G.N.R. 251


G.N.R. 251 Running Plate

Video of G.N.R. Atlantic No. 251



R. W. W. writes “I have got the Stuart Compound (Reversing) finished and erected and I am most gratified with the result, Your design is absolutely the best I have ever seen in model work and it has been a real pleasure to follow your carefully prepared drawings.”

C. C. H. writes “I should like to say that I am very pleased with it (No, 4) in every way,”

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