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Horizontal engines


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1-in. by 1-in., End View

Having received numerous inquiries for these Engines, I have prepared two sizes—particulars of which will be found on the next page. Amateurs will note the neat appearance of the design, which has entailed considerable trouble and expense to produce. The machining capacity of Amateurs Tools has been .carefully considered, as the only part likely to present any difficulty, is the boring of the tunnel and facing the end of the soleplate for cylinder face. In view of this, the prices for this piece of Machining has been fixed at a very low rate.

In the No. 9 Engine List will be found prices for the Pump and Governor Castings, both these are of very simple and efficient designs. To facilitate the construction of the Pump, I have designed a Valve Box, which, by the exchange of the Union, can be used for This idea will also appeal to many who are making their suction or delivery.
This idea will also appeal to many who are making their own Pumps. These Valve Boxes are sold at 2/3 each, or 4/- per pair. Maximum size of Pipe to be used is 2/16in. Just drill and tap two holes into the body of the Pump, and screw the boxes in.
Will suit any other type of pump.

The quality of Castings is, like all the " Stuart " Specialities-First Class.


TESTIMONIAL.--G. S. M. September, 1905.
Re No. 7 Set you sent me a fortnight ago. Needless to say, I was delighted with them, they are as you say in your advertisement, far in advance of any thing in the Model Line, and are making up into a. splendid model.
A. S. writes " Castings to hand for which I thank you, they are the best I have ever seen, I have bought heaps of model work but have never seen their equal.” R. H. writes " I must congratulate you upon your smart design of engine and quality of casting. It is a pleasure to work at such a model."
J. H. writes " I must thank you for the prompt and business like manner in which you have answered my numerous inquiries."

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