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VerticalCoal & Steel

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For Solid Fuel
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The Shells of these Boilers are made of best Open-Hearth Mild Steel, with flanged ends, Steel Tubes, Firedoor, Fire-bars and Smoke Box. Water space all round fire. Manhole fitted for a small extra charge. Fittings and Chimneys extra.

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These are Steel Boilers complete with gas burners and smoke box. A gas-fired Boiler is a most convenient form of steam generator : it is ready for instant use, is clean and safe and is easily controlled.

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Vertical Boilers to suit our Engines

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We shall be pleased to Braze customers' own Boilers for them, and on receipt of the Boiler will quote.
It is essential for successful brazing that the parts should be perfectly clean and the surfaces to be brazed coated with borax before riveting together. Joints cannot be brazed unless they are a good fit. It is quite impossible to braze a joint on which soft solder has been used.
Brazing Spelter, 1/- for 2 ons, ; Silver Solder, 4.6 per oz.

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Specifications-“Mild” Steel with steel rivets, all holes drilled after plates are bent to shape. Water space all round fire. Cast Iron Door and Frame. Fire Bars.
Manholes can be made in Nos. 545 to 548 at extra charge of 17/6. Chimneys extra according to height required, including half-round ring at top.
Any of these Boilers can be made in Copper if required. Prices on application. Prices on application.

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Plates for making Centre Flue VERTICAL STEEL BOILERS.

Set consists of shell rolled. Firebox rolled. Two crowns flanged to fit shells ; also flanged to take centre tube. Fire box flanged out at bottom to meet shell, and round fire hole. Tube for centre flue. Fire holes cut out. Rivets are included. Prices are “on rail”

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Design thoughts.

Stuart really have covered vertical boilers in all possibilities. Sold as a kit of parts or a completed boiler the materials can be steel or copper. Whilst steel is stronger it should be inspected internally to check for rust, hense the oprion of a manhole fitted to allow viewing the interior. Copper whilst not as strong does not suffer from corrosion to the same degree. Stuart also offered a Brazing option for the boiler you supplied, metioning the importance of not soft soldering as this precludes brazing as well as silver soldering.( probably the best method of construction) Rivetting was also an option that requires very close tolerances. Firing using coal gives a very hot flame that boils well but requires a certain patience to get going. The fire door and grate is required to allow drawing the flames. Vertical boilers offer large steam producing capability with low footprint. The ability to be coil fired allows for the real steam enthusiasts to enjoy the process of setting up a fire and keeping it fuelled. Gas offers convenience with a simple burner fitting underneath. Fittings available covered just about everything you could want. Pressure gauge, water gauge, Klack valve, Steam valve, Safety valve,.

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Riveted vertical boiler showing key features.

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