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ISISBoating Heaven

Type: Model steam launch.
Length: 1 Metre
Beam: 7 1/2-ins.
Depth: 5 1/2-ins. (at stern 2 1/2-ins.)
Weight: Hull: 4 1/2-lbs.
Weight ready for running: 9 3/4-lbs.

The New Metre Steam Launch.

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Produced on the same lines as the wonderfully successful “ Henley ", the "ISIS" is capable of good speed and is a splendid replica of the modern high speed motor craft. The propeller has been very carefully designed to give the highest efficiency and the shaft has been fitted with 2 ball thrust bearing to eliminate loss of power at this important point.


Short Specification.

HULL -Length 1 metre, Beam 7 1/2 ins., Depth 5 1/2 ins. (at stern 2 1/2 ins), Weight, Hull only 4 1/2 lbs,, Boat fitted complete 9 1/4 bs, Finest Honduras Mahogany enamelled white and sea green.

ENGINE. - “ Star” twin cylinder fitted with displacement lubricator.

BOTLER.-The new Stuart No. 495 with fourteen Pin. water tubes and super-

| heater, fitted with safety valve and steam cock.

BURNER.- Duplex spirit burner.

PROPELLER.- Cast gunmetal two-bladed, 2}-in. diam., 4-in. pitch.

SHAFT. - Hard brass running in white metal bearings, fitted with ball thrust
block, Brass stern tube and flexible coupling.

RUDDER. - Polished brass compensated type.


‘The boat finished in best style and thoroughly tested... £7 7s. Od.

Prospure Gfuge fitted to boiler. --. extra
Carriage Forward.


So simple a design for simple construction. Made from mahogany the huls was painted on the outside with green and white colour scheme, althoug the wood is so nice some have stripped it down and varnished the wood. A flat bottom with simple rounding. Flat sides bent to fit the bottom. A flat stern deck and a curved fore deck. Plenty of width for the wide boiler and to provide stability the construction allows plenty of room. A steeply angled propellor tube is not the most efficient. The ruddeer can be set to alow the boat to steer straight accross the lake or to circle back to the owner.

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A very nice ISIS with some extra branding and embellishments.

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An ISIS in very nice condition.

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Three views of the same model as above.

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ISIS Steam Plant consisting 495 Boiler and Star engine.

Isis Launch on water.


Isis Test run.


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Stuart propellors for model boats.

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